Li Gi 99

September 14, 2008

New Play at the Stage

I DO like the new play, but i don’t think its amazingly great. It is certainly no match for “Quest for the Golden Puffle”.  The great thing about it is the ruby. Getting the ruby is by no means easy…

The Ruby

In the stage, click on these items in the order: first the file cabinet, then doors, then dustbin, then the lamp, book, the vase that is nearer the top of the stage, then the weird painting underneith the right royal box. It should slide down to reveal a safe. Click on the safe, then the gleaming jem inside…

Yay! You got it. However, there is an easier way…

Go onto a safe chat server, (the least full one as possible is better). Press “Tab” (usually above caps lock, it might be different for a mac) until the yellow box is around the center of the pychedelic painting. When it is, double hit enter and pick up your prize. This way definitely works. I used it on my other account for testing.

The secret background

Ahhhh. So many secret things Billybob comes up with. I do admire him. Go to the very back page of the costume catalogue. I mean the VERY BACK PAGE. There is a box saying “How do I get coins?” in the middle. You cant miss it. You notice, as you mouse hovers onto it, you see a link select. How mysterious. Click, and drag down. There is a little picture there, all cute and pleading. Click it. Select yes. I can’t remember if it costs money, but have 60 coins to hand just in case.


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