Li Gi 99

October 29, 2008

‘Appy ‘Alloween!!

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Yo! Wassup, dudes? (lol).  Well, it’s the HALLOWEEN PARTY!! So, want to get the free items?

Snow Forts

Snow Forts


Well, the pumpkin basket’s back and in the snow forts. You need this to go trick or treating.  To find out the location of the sweets click on the pumpkin in the corner of your screen.

Hehe, I'm with you evil pumpkin!

Hehe, I

 It’ll give you a clue on a post-it note. If you’re having trouble here’s the answers to all of the clues. I reccomend you only use them if you’re stuck.



Ok, I wish you the best of luck in finding them!! Sometimes you have to be precise about where you click…
Though, for those with memberships there is a – very – secret room!! To get to it, click on the green candle in the book room then walk down the passage.
click green candle.

click green candle.

However, to enter you must be wearing the rad scientist costume. It can be bought in the gift shop for 500 coins.
Fizz... BOOM!

Fizz... BOOM!

You don’t need the wig to enter, but you might as well get it. Anyway, this is what the hidden Lab looks like.


Note the living sled and the lamps. Get a lamp cos you can wear it and it even glows a bit!!
I’m very happy. I will post the party details next week or this week (party is next week!!)


  1. you are now in the cpff, ranked as a major, tell people to join!

    Comment by wurburt45348 — October 29, 2008 @ 9:28 pm

  2. Really, please do you know anything!?!? GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The sled is there because thats the one that was brought to life from the scientist in Night of the Living Sled. This site is bad!
    Li Gi 99: I know that, I just thought the sled should be up and chasing buffoons like you.

    Comment by Steven — November 5, 2008 @ 2:00 am

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