Li Gi 99

October 30, 2008


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I am releasing a book… for free! It’s called: Li Gi 99  – Is she dead yet?

Yes, a book. It is about me, and is supposed to be funny. It’ll contain some never seen funny pics, and its all free! Just complete this poll:

Thanks! I bet you can’t wait!

Here is a sneak peek!

It was a stormy night.

Kind of. Depends where you live.

Yes, but the rain drummed like Satan on the rooftops –

Well, if you lived in the hotter, more humid countrys it’d be kind of drizzling.

The thunder cracked down –

Ha, like an egg!

On the sodden rooftop, which was dripping –

W –


Actually I was gonna say it was getting kind of intense.

Oh. Sorry.

No problem.

Carry on.

Right. Ok. Which was dripping slowly dewy water splashed down onto the snow, turning it like ice.

You know, I once got my toungue stuck on some ice, it was so cold –


Yeah, sorry. I get kind of…

Yeah, just be queit ok?

Sure. You got it.

The clouds were grey and heavy, whispering to you.

Oh. My. Gosh. What were they whispering???

They said… “Li Gi 99! You’re not dead yet.”


I don’t know. Its a mystery.

Let’s go.

Go where?
Go find out!

Is Li Gi 99 dead yet?


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