Li Gi 99

December 5, 2008

Hi, lots of stuff.

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Well, I uploaded new wp! I think its like… 2 point thingy ma jig… whatever it is, its different and I could not find the post button for a while. Funny, I could find the media button, and the post button’s right above it.

First of all, Halo Me 123 has opened a blog. See, I did it first, then it was a kind of craze. But its so yeah, go there. But it will be different for her with posting, becuase of her parent’s idea of “Screen Time” which for me is not a problem, nah-uh screen time for me. Screen time is all the time if I want.

New Pin

There’s a new pin! Yay! Everyone loves pins! Its a snow fort pin and it’s at the pet shop. Its ok. I prefer less placey things, like snow shovels or tiles. Not something that isn’t exciting and new, because the snow forts have been there for a while now. The pin widget should be updated.


Oh, that’s just me on my member penguin, Pikachu 1098. What do you think of the pin widget, anyway? Comment and tell me what you think. Sorry that I can’t share it, I hand update it every single 2 weeks, upload it, delete the code, paste the code. 😐 It does take a while.

Sunrise Moon may be put in charge of posting catalogue cheats soon. I don’t know he will definetly be in charge of posting about SOMETHING, I just am not completely sure yet.

Also, I just noticed that the ship of Rockhopper’s is… GREEN! Look, I think its all jacked up for Xmas! And coins for change!


Also, is having a makeover, so it will be grrrreat soon!

I think that’s it. See ya,

~Li Gi 99~

Post Script: Please visit the glitches page, on the side!


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