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January 10, 2009

DS Help Please!

Filed under: Homeless Posts — Eric E @ 8:07 am

Hello again fellow penguins, I have one question about the DS game! Okay here it is, it said you can upload items and coins to your penguin account, but one thing, what if you have more than one account? Can you pick which account you want to download it on? Like sometimes i alternate between my main penguins. (I have a lot of penguins) (13 penguins) I know, it’s a lot! Lets say one week I wanted to upload coins on one account, and then the next week I wanted to change my main account and upload coins on that account… What happens then? Can you actually do that with the game, upload coins to all of your penguin accounts, or can you only upload spy phones and coins to a single account?  Have a nice weekend!!!!

(This was an e-mail to Club Penguin)



  1. i think there is an option to change which penguin you upload money to. ill check soon.
    Eric4280: thank you o peg, yellowlassie said you actually could alternate accounts. but you have to choose 1 penguin to upload the command room. i might have a contest for the code, im not sure yet though. so i guess you can alternate accounts 🙂

    Comment by o peg — January 10, 2009 @ 5:12 pm

  2. well, i say that when u enter the code thats the only penguin u can download the coins to
    Eric4280: 😦 but yellowlassie had a different answer. you can choose which one you want. say one week u wanna download em on one peng then the next week another penguin……. so on so forth………………….. Thats what i first thought though. every one has a different answer. its just yellowlassie owns the game, so far i believe her the most. but idk…. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Comment by cutiecat27 — January 10, 2009 @ 10:13 pm

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