Li Gi 99

January 24, 2009

Hey there!

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Update: Css is hard. I will keep it extremely simple for the time being. I am also having some problems 😀 And when I have got The Problem sorted out, I will get something other little up.

We are starting to see the results of our site update! Here are things either coming soon or I am working on!

3 New Authors

  • Thaw123
  • Halo Me 123
  • ??????

Cascading Style Sheets
I am working on them!! Please bear with me! Special thanks to Toffee! She will have a post or something dedicated to her. I cannot say how grateful I am!

New Pages

  • Swf Page
  • Book code page
  • Other cool pages!

Widget Update
I will be working on all sorts of cool stuff for my sidebar!



Thankyou. Without all of your support, this would have not been acheivable.

Please don’t think I’m a different person. I’m no different to all of you. CSS doesn’t change me, and there was a point of time (before I got it) I really thought it did. I’m normal. I’m just like you. I’m not that great, kind, or good a blogger. I’m average. That’s me.





  1. Can i be a author plz

    Comment by XxcrazygirlxX — January 24, 2009 @ 5:46 pm

  2. Cool! Congratz! I wish one of my viewers would donate to me… 😦 .
    Sunrise Moon
    Li Gi 99: This was more of a friend… long story.

    Comment by Sunrise Moon — January 25, 2009 @ 4:38 am

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