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February 4, 2009

Lime Green Dojo Clean!

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Yes! Finally it came out! Should I post the secrets? Well I prepared them just for you. Yeah, cos I like you guys 😀


This is going to be long-ish, so click more for the cheats.

Cheat 1:


Type in all the letters, then pick up the mop. Drag it to the window, then release the mouse button. It’ll fly outside, then you pick it up again, scrub the window and then click the coin to pick it up.

Cheat 2:


Now lift the bucket up, and chuck it in the corner somewhere to collect the coin.

Cheat 3:


Where the circle is, there should be a slime glob. Click and drag it, rubbing it around. Then there’ll be a coin, and yeah.

Cheat 4:


Put yoru cursor under the penguin, then slide it up. He’ll make a hole in the ceiling, then collect the coin.

Cheat 5:


Drag the bucket to the right, then collect the coin.

Cheat 6:


Click on the lightbulb, then follow the mazes without touching the rectangles.

Cheat 7:


Throw the capes away until you get to the socks. Then exchange capes for socks.

I know this isn’t all of the, I will have more up soon!


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