Li Gi 99

Spy and Seek

Your help is requested in tracking down suspect at large: Herbert P. Bear, And uncovering his next plot.

#1 Talk to G. He’ll tell you about he rise of herbert. Take the rubber duck on the floor he mentions and the three tracking devices. Also take the blueprint on the wall, near G.

#2 Ski lodge now. Talk to the penguins playing find 4. Then collect all the pieces. There is one on a ladder, a coffee table, a windowsill. Go upstairs via the laddrer. there are some pieces by the rocking horse, on the desk, near a weird music thingy on a crate and another crate by a couch. While you are at it, pick up the string by the big fluffy rug. Go back downstairs and give them to the penguins.

#3 Pick up the sticks in the forest. Then do as the following: In the inventory drag the sticks to the blueprint and the string to the frames. Then put one of the transmitters you collected into it as well.

#4 Go to the mountain. Put the kite onto the signpost.

#5 Go to the plaza and talk to the penguins there. The red puffle will do his trick, and the blue one’ll burst his bubble. Offer to help on both. Merely click the gum. Then ask if you can take it. Use the gum to repair the duck.

#6 Dock now. Help the penguin with his boat by clicking and dragging the brown handle. Then ask to borrow his pump.

#7 Drag the pump to the duck and pull the handle up and down and up and down.

#8 Fix the transmitter onto the ducky and now go to the iceberg and put the duck on the water.

#9 Go to the mine shack and talk to the penguin there. if you cant see him hes up on the roof. Fix the system by clicking and dragging the wooden boards and dragging the trough over so the right side is as up as possible.

#10 Click on the cart thats fallen over twice, so it is a close up. Fuse the cracks together with the cursor. Exit when you’re done and put the transmitter into the cart. Click on the cart, which now shoud be vibrating, to send it dwon.

#11 Pick up your call from G. Then report back to the HQ.

#’12 Take the binoculars and head to the ski lodge and go through the green door. Move right and clik on the distance with the 3000’s

#13 Pick up your call. Go across the pond by wiggling your mouse around till its an arrow.

#14 Pick up the phone left lying around. Look around if you want. But now put the binoculars onto the spyphone and put them on the thrid tree when you turn left.

#15 Pick up your call. Visit HQ afrwards. Watch the tape. You’re done. Collect your prizes and go!



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