Li Gi 99


Rockhopper is a penguin who sails round to Club Penguin island about every 2 months. This is his playercard;


His ship is called the Migrator, and once broke down. It is landed at the beach, like this;


It has three rooms off the main ship: The Shiphold, The Crow’s Nest and the Captain’s Quarters.
To gain access to the Captain’s Quarters, find the key at the back of Rockhopper’s journal 🙂


Rockhopper has a red puffle called Yarr. Yarr was brought to the island with a lot of other red puffles when they were first introduced.


You can find Rockhopper if you look hard enough on CP. Here are some things…

  • His favourite servers are Frozen, Mammoth, Ice Age and a few others.
  • He wears a black captain’s hat and a black beard – no other penguins have these items, because they haven’t been released!
  • You can only find him if his ship is landed at the beach.
  • If, on the Club Penguin homepage, his ship is by the small island on it, he is online somewhere on Club Penguin.
  • It is impossible to add Rockhopper as a buddy. Any penguins who say they have him as a buddy are lying or hacking 🙂
  • I suggest you use a tracker. Some good trackers are Straw000’s Wwe Adam’s and some others 😀
  • Sometimes you can use a chat to find him.

-More added later-


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  1. were can i find rockhopper

    PLEASE PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by anna — March 3, 2009 @ 10:22 pm

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